Joe Dolen Photography | Massachusetts Wedding Photography | just your average joe!
Here's all the stuff that you probably don't need to know...
But I'll share it anyway! 
-I married my high school sweetheart.
​-We have 2 daughters and a black golden doodle named Floyd.
-I've enjoyed wearing argyle socks since the 8th grade.
-I've seen every episode of The least twice.
-I love to travel, especially family road trips in the minivan.
-I own 3 of the exact same Ramones t-shirts.
-I'm obsessed with flossing my teeth.
-I'm a big rock and roll geek.
-I play the drums and moved to LA to become a rockstar, but enrolled in photo school instead. (the hours were better!)
-Favorite Carnival Food: Cotton Candy
-Claim to Fame: I once danced with Kanye West at a party.
-Weird Life Moment: Wrestled in Japan, dressed as a baby.  (Long story, I'm sure there are photos somewhere on the internet)
-Life Goal: To travel to all 50 states with my family.
-Dream job: This is it, obviously!