Here's all the stuff that you probably don't need to know...
But I'll share it anyway! 
-I married my high school sweetheart, Elin, in 2008.
​-I have 2 daughters, Lena and Alice, and they are the world to me!
-I really like wearing argyle socks.
-I've seen every episode of Saved By The Bell like a million times.
-I own 3 of the exact same Ramones t-shirts.
-I can recite every line in the movie Stand By Me.
-I'm obsessed with flossing my teeth.
-I'm a total rock and roll geek.
-I'm a drummer and moved to LA to become a rockstar, but enrolled in photo school instead. (the hours were better!)
-Cotton candy is my favorite carnival food.
-I wanted to be Axl Rose when I was a kid...thankfully that never came true.
-I am so lucky to have the best job!